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Gabriel Krekk’s Curriculum Vitae 1974 Hastings County Regional High School Art Competition - Visual Display Poster Contest - 1st Place - pen & ink - awarded the Tony Lassing mobile award 1975-77 Loyalist College, Belleville Ontario - Architectural Drafting & Design Technician Program 1978 Business - Krekk Designs & Building established – name changed in 1979 to REMCON Technical Services providing Architectural Design, Residential, Electrical Mechanical Contracting design to the large Corporations in the Quinte region. Krekk designed many custom homes and commercial buildings in the Quinte region.. 1983 January 24 began a full time career with Procter & Gamble, Belleville, Ontario. 1984 Krekk designs and builds his home, Quinte regions first true Solar Home utilizing passive solar, triple glazed windows, Trombe wall designs and R2000 insulation 1985 Completed the illustrations for his children's book Billy Bucko Adventure Books ​​that still remains unpublished. This venture would be the turning point for Krekk’s choice of mediums moving to Watercolors. There would be many years of experimenting before he would showcase his paintings to the public. 1992 Parade Distraction​​ - 1st place - (Advanced Watercolor Painting depicting 1992 - Canada’s 125th Birthday) - Bridge from the Past - 2nd place - Quinte Exhibition 1992 313 Main Street - 1st place - (Advanced Watercolor) - The Village Store​​ - 3rd place - (Advanced Watercolor) - Quinte Exhibition 1992 Amish Fields​​ - 1st place - (Theme painting) - My Brother, My Helper - 1st place - (Lithograph) Quinte Exhibition 1992 Leaving the Beaches​​ - 1st place (Advanced Watercolor) Quinte Exhibition 1997 Juried exhibition - Expressions 97- Cooling Waters of Summer 1997 Guest Speaker - Rotary Club Belleville - “The Evolution of My Art” 1997 Publication: Loyalist College Connections Magazine publishes front cover of painting Waiting for theFastball with two page centerfold on Krekk's art and poetry Alumni from the 1975-1977 Architectural Drafting Technician program 1997 Juried exhibition - Expressions 99 - Flight of the Unicorns​​ and Waiting for the Fastball 2001 Juried exhibition - Expressions 2001 - Tracey in Columbia 2001 Krekk undergoes surgery on his painting arm. For the next 18 months, Krekk was custom fitted with a full shoulder to fingers mechanical brace. In May 2003, Krekk underwent a second major surgery to reconstruct and relocate the ulnar nerve in the right elbow. During the two years from December 2001 to mid July 2003, Krekk was unable to use the arm to create either his paintings or his photography. 2005 Juried exhibition - Expressions 2005 - Serenity 2005 Juried exhibition - Expressions 2006 - Off-Duty 2006 September 7th – October 26th - Two month Solo Exhibition - From Ten Feet Away​​ - QAC Art in the Community Gallery, Belleville, Ontario - Exhibition nets largest financial return in sales in the history of the Quinte Arts Council. 2006 October through December - Solo display of works in the Offices of Liberal Member of Parliament – Ernie Parsons MPP 2006 October 19th - Invited guest speaker for the United Way Agency group, Bridging the Gap - “On Being an Artist” Juror for the children’s art competition. 2006 Television Interview Cogeco Cable – Steve Morton Director, John Costello Producer – “The Art of Quinte” 2006 November 4th – December 31st From Ten Feet Away Solo Exhibition- Twist Restogrille, Belleville, Ontario 2006 December - Juried exhibition – Domestica – Tears for a Mother wins the People’s Choice Award. 2006 December - Invited to represent Canada in a group of International Artists in Artist Universal 2006 April 19th - juried exhibition - Expressions 2007 - two paintings Winds of Montana and Harlequin Unbridled 2007 July/August Edition Canadian Brushstroke Magazine publishes interview with Krekk on “Documenting Your Artwork.” Front cover features Krekk’s painting Wait and Sea and interview on pages 23 thru 27 2007 September 1st – 25th - Group Exhibition - Infusion Gallery - Los Angeles, California. 2007 September 28th – October 18th - Group Exhibition Beyond Borders - Agora Gallery, Chelsea, New York City, NY. 2007 2007Published review of Gabriel Krekk in New York City’s ArtisSpectrum Magazine page 60. 2007 March 6th – 26th - John M. Parrott Art Gallery, Belleville, Ontario - Solo Exhibition From Ten Feet Away 2008 Juror for the Hastings County High School Art Exhibition. Awarded the Gabriel Krekk Inspiration Award to Keita Morimoto 2008 April 17th - Cogeco airs a 30 minute television interview with Krekk - “The Art of Quinte Revisited.” 2008 May 2nd – 4th Boys and Girls Club - Nappanee Public Library, Nappanee, Indiana - Group Exhibition - Spring into Art 2008 June 1st – September 1st - Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center - The Yawkey Center Illuminations Group Exhibition - Boston, Massachusetts. 2008 Nov. 7th – 9th - Frankfort, Indiana Group Exhibition 2009 Nov. 6th – 8th - Frankfort, Indiana Group Exhibition 2010 June 8 - Napanee Photo Competition - Napanee, Ontario - Krekk serves as one of the three jurors to select the best photography in the competition. 2010 Nov. 6 th – Dec.17 th - Canada’s THE GROUP OF 12 Exhibition held at the John M. Parrott Art Gallery in Belleville Ontario, Canada 2011 Nov. 6th – 8th - Frankfort, Indiana Group Exhibition 2012 Business Plan emerges for multi-year Art & Photography project Gabriel Krekk’s American Cowgirls - First photoshoot began on May 27 , 2013 2014 April 24 th - Krekk retires from his 31 year career with Procter & Gamble at the age of 58 to focus all his remaining years on his art and photography. 2014 August 1st, 2014 ​ ​Magazine Publication – WESTERN SHOOTING JOURNAL based out of Seattle, Washington, publishes pics and brief American Cowgirls story on Page 29. 2014 Sept. 2 - American Shooting Journal publishes Krekk’s American Cowgirl #2 painting with write-up. 2014 The Rodeo News Magazine February issue features a two page story of Gabriel Krekk’s American Cowgirl Project with photo images and painting image along with featured story. Pages 38, and 39. 2015 Feb. TV Interview with the Mike Riggs Show in Fresno, California. Krekk and American Cowgirl #10 – Leah Baize of Coursegold, California, did a live interview with Mike Riggs to share the project details. 2015 July 19 th - Rapid City Journal Magazine publishes Krekk’s For Freedom Project donation to their fundraising group that is driven to eliminate human trafficking. 2017 November 30 th - Illustrations completed for the children's book, Walk Ride Rodeo by author Amberley Snyder. Book is published and released for sale on December 19 2017 December - Gold Buckle Express Magazine for the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas publishes Krekk’s American Cowgirl #8 image – Tiany Schuster page 95. 2017 April Edition of Horse & Rider Magazine publish Krekk’s photos on pages 17 & 18 2019 July - New release of book Cowgirl – The Real American Brand - Krekk’s photographic images of his American Cowgirls fills the book for author Lana Randall with 47 photos including front and back covers. 2019 Oct 27 - Wyoming magazine Cavvy Savvy ​​carries a multi-page story about Gabriel Krekk and his American Cowgirls Project. 2019 The Fence Post magazine (Colorado) gives Krekk’s front cover image of Kimmi Lewis ( Colorado Republican House Representative) for their December edition and image insert credits on pages 3 and 19 . 2019 September 24 - Rapid City Billboard Advertising - Krekk completed a photoshoot for Carol White Fitness Center and a large city center billboard carries his photo. 2019 Oct 4 –5 th Krekk was the invited Guest Artist for the Folds of Honor at the Grand Ballroom Navy Pier Chicago. Krekk’s original painting Seamus Casey – The Dream of 13 auctioned off and sold to George Rusu of Chicago for $13,000 2019 June - IWS USA ( International Watercolor Society) selects Krekk as one of the ten Watercolor Artists to represent the U.S. in the PanAmerican Watercolor Exhibition for the month of June. Featured is Krekk’s painting American Cowgirl #22 – Jessica Hendrix - Colorado 2020 October 15 th - Release of Krekk’s 19 th Limited Edition Print -Saratoga 2021 November 15th – Preparation for release of the Krekk’s 20th Limited Edition Giclee Print – Elk Ridge in both full color and sepia versions 2022 February 18th - Release of “American Cowgirl #25 - Amber West - South Dakota” Limited Edition Prints
November 9th – 11th - Group Exhibition Picture This - Anna and Harlan Hubbard Gallery, Frankfort, Indiana 2007- Published interview in ​Frankfort Times newspaper, Frankfort, Indiana Krekk’s For Freedom print is hung in the Frankfort, Indiana, Library alongside a print of the U.S.S. Indianapolis in tribute to Frankfort’s WWII war hero Lt. Adrian Marks for Veteran’s Day. Lt. Marks was the pilot who found the survivors of that ill fated ship.
PUBLICATIONS SPRING 1997 – LOYALIST COLLEGE “CONNECTIONS” MAGAZINE Front Cover – Painting “ Waiting for the Fastball” Pages 6 – 7 – Profile of Alumni Gabriel Krekk from 1975 Architectural Program. SUMMER 2007 – CANADIAN BRUSHSTROKE MAGAZINE Front Cover – “ Wait & Sea” Pages 23 thru 27 – Documenting Artwork Now – Interview with Gabriel Krekk ART is SPECTRUM MAGAZINE – NEW YORK Vol. #18 November 2007 Page 60 - Review of Gabriel Krekk’s style of Watercolor RODEO NEWS – FEBRUARY 2015 Pages 38 & 39 Gabriel Krekk’s American Cowgirl Project – 2 page summary c/w Art & Photography HORSE & RIDER – APRIL 2018 Pages 17 & 18 Photography by Gabriel Krekk CAVVY SAVVY – OCTOBER 27, 2019 -Wyoming Profile on Gabriel Krekk including paintings and Youtube video links.
THE FENCE POST – volume 40 Number 51 – DECEMBER 2019 Front Cover & Page 19 Photography by Gabriel Krekk OTHER PUBLICATIONS American Shooting Journal – September – 2014 Rapid City Journal – Krekk’s Donation of Prints from his For Freedom Project to raise money to eliminate sex trafficking in the Black Hills of South Dakota - September 2015 Rapid City “For Freedom Blog ” – July – 2015 Gold Buckle Express Magazine – December 2017
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