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Gabriel Krekk’s American Cowgirls Inc. is a PRIVATELY OWNED Corporation that is 100% owned by its Shareholders. The Corporation was founded with 10,000 shares which was divided between 5500 Common Shares and 4500 Preferred Shares. In May of 2021, 5300 Common and 2502 Preferred Shares were purchased and distributed to the Shareholders. The Corporation has set aside 200 Common Shares for future growth in its Tier 1 Leadership Team and expansion of the Board of Directors. 1,998 of the Preferred Shares will be strategically offered to the public in increments of 500 Shares at a time. The first offering memorandum will be available on August 5, 2022 at a predetermined sale price of $250 per share. The Corporation’s direction in respect to outstanding Shares is to only release a minimum of Shares for sale to the public to maintain a higher yield per share in dividends. Our objective is to return 25% of our net profits back to our shareholders.
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our american cowgirls the hearts of the changemakers DECOR ART AMERICAN COWGIRLS - western sTARS halls of honor- coming in 2022 CALL FOR AMERICAN COWGIRL ARTISANS - COMING SOON
Gabriel Krekk’s American Cowgirls Inc. is providing an opportunity to expand its ownership into the Corporation. Yes… every Share that is purchased will become an owner of our Corporation. A Preferred Shareholder will realize an annual dividend payment in May of each calender year. Each Preferred Shareholder carries no personal liabilities that may be incurred by the Corporation. In the Limited Edition Prints and Decor Art product lines, as of August 5, 2022, the Corporation has now over $ 5.5M in current potential sales inventory (PSI) through its 3 limited editions series, miniature prints and its Decor Art line-up. An additional $ 7.5M in PSI will be added in the remainder of 2022 bringing total PSI to $ 13M by year end. Projecting into 2023, the final limited edition print series will be released bringing PSI to over $ 42M and the Decor Art lines with a PSI of $ 10M. In 2024, the 25 original American Cowgirls paintings will be put out to Global Auction for the sale of the complete collection of paintings.
American Cowgirls Inc. has set its two year goal statement with the “ Shoot for Two” Program for 2022-2023. Our Shoot for Two will be spearheaded with the Deluge Project to produce - $2M in sales through to the end of 2023. - P2 - Phase 2 completion - 2% Inventory reduction through sales - LEx2 - The completion of two limited edition print series per launch, and with completion of all 25 paintings by December of 2023 - 2 major initiatives - the Deluge and Keepsake Projects. Beyond our announced initiatives, American Cowgirls Inc. is currently working to expand its product lines by branding with other companies and private businesses. These initiatives will be included in our total net profits.
2022 - 2023 Goal statement
Gabriel Krekk’s american cowgirls inc. offering memorandum
Gabriel Krekk’s American Cowgirls Inc. is providing the opportunity to private investors to become Owners in our Corporation through the purchase of our Preferred Shares. On August 5th, 2022, the Corporation is offering up to 500 Preferred Shares to be sold to the public. These Preferred Shares may be purchased in any quantity that is chosen by the Investor. The Purchase Price of each Preferred Share is $250 U.S. per share. The primary purpose of this Offering is to secure $125,000 in capital funds to cover the costs of two initiatives, the Deluge* Project and the Keepsake* Project. The Deluge* Project will entail the marketing strategy for a national advertising campaign that will drive profitability of our product lines through consumer awareness. This will be accomplished through social media, magazine publications, and other advertising platforms. Our Corporate requirements for funding Deluge has been established at $35K for 2022/23. Projected net sale increases for 2022/23 through Deluge are forecasted at $2M. The Keepsake* Project is a new product line for American Cowgirls Inc. Keepsake will provide consumers with a whole new dimension in a market that is well established and is highly competitive. We believe that through our innovative approach in design, simplicity, and the power in our messaging, we have a winning product line that will draw from our Corporate archives of over 150,000 American Cowgirl images. Private Funding through stock purchases will allow us to complete Supplier development, packaging costs, and to rollout our supply delivery chain in a Test Market in two regions, one in Arizona and the other in Wyoming. Test Market sales analysis will be assessed after six months prior to national rollout and with the onboarding of a national sales and distribution team. Our Corporate requirements for funding the Keepsake project is $85K. Projected net sales for 2023/24 through Keepsake are forecasted at $25M. The funds received from the sale of our Shares will be deposited into the American Cowgirls Inc. accounts and will be used at the discretion of the Leadership Team to complete the two projects. As required by law, the Corporation must provide the risk factor to each Investor that purchases Gabriel Krekk’s American Cowgirls Inc. Preferred Shares. The Corporation welcomes all potential Shareholders, and we are committed to driving profitability to maximize the dividend returns at 25% of our Net profit back to our Shareholders. The only potential liability or risk to the Investor will be the current purchase price of each share. The Agreement of the Purchase of Preferred Shares that is sent out to each potential Shareholder outlines the timing and protocols for the sales of Corporate shares and our buy back options. It is the Corporate mandate to minimize the amount of privately owned shares to maximize dividend returns to the Corporation’s Shareholders.
1. Review the Corporate Mission Statement, Principle and Values Statements, and our Sustainability page. 2. Click the link to Connie Bryant CFO (Chief Financial Officer) who will handle all of the documentation with the investor to complete the transaction., Provide our CFO with your full name, mailing address, and the quantity of shares up to a maximum of 500 that you wish to purchase as shown below.
3. Once your submission has been received, our CFO will send you an Adobe Sign document “ AMERICAN COWGIRL INC. MASTER PREFERRED STOCK SHAREHOLDER AGREEMENT”. You will receive this document in pdf format. Please review the document and electronically fill in the information that you will be prompted for and electronically sign and submit. The Contract will be routed to the CFO for next level signature and then on to the President for their signature. Adobe Sign will notify you of the status at all times. 4. After the receipt of the completed Agreement, you will receive a PayPal invoice from American Cowgirls Inc. that will match the amount of the shares that you requested to purchase. We will hold the requested shares in the purchaser’s name for a period of one week after the PayPal invoice has been issued to the Purchaser. Utilizing the PayPal payment option will ensure that your payment is secure allowing the purchaser to select from their most trusted credit card. If you would prefer to send a check or money order, please let our CFO know via email, and she will make arrangements with you to prepare to receive your payment. Our CFO will also provide hard copy mailing of the Agreement 5. Once payment has been confirmed, an official hard copy of the signed Shareholder Agreement with the Corporate Seal, along with the Stock Certificates will be sent to your address via Certified mail. Your information will be entered into the Corporate Stock Registry with your stock certificate numbers. Our Corporate Stock Registry is registered with the Arizona Corporate Commission. 6. You are now a part owner of our Corporation as a Shareholder. Now sit back in the saddle and enjoy the magic of what we create knowing that you will reap the rewards because you simply believed in the Vision of our Corporation.
I have reviewed the Vision & Mission Statements. I definitely want to become a Shareholder and be an owner of our incredible American Cowgirls Inc. journey. Saddle me up!
" Although a candle may not flicker on a windless plain, its potential could light the world on fire “ Gabriel Krekk
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NOTE: * The American Cowgirls Inc. Leadership Team is bound by its committment that the scope and the strategies of our initiatives are not shared with the public. We will maintain this principle to be our competitive advantage.
Personal checks/Money Orders are also accepted.